4 May 2023

SPA Billboard launched in central Brisbane.


During two weeks in April 2023 from the last day of Easter, SPA advertised on two huge digital roadside billboards in central Brisbane.  Busy commuters returning to work (in both directions) saw a striking image with the message “What’s a Sustainable Population, Australia?” in a speech bubble from a crowded street.



A special URL directed visitors to a landing page where they were invited to take part in a survey on Australia’s ideal population size.  Links on the landing page directed visitors toward SPA’s position on population.

The survey results showed that two thirds of respondees wanted a stable or less populated Australia.  This is consistent with other surveys that have examined Australian attitudes toward population growth.  Despite the media and political bias that bigger is always better,  time and again it is clear that the majority of Australians do NOT want a Big Australia.  SPA is the only organisation in Australia dedicated to representing the majority voice on this critical yet silenced issue.



SPA would like to thank members of our Queensland branch,  who drove this project forward in cooperation with the national board.   This is the first time that SPA has dipped our toes into billboards and we are pleased with the results.

None of this would be possible with out the financial support of our supporters and the hands on work from our dedicated volunteers.  Click here to support SPA.


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