16 September 2011

By 2050 there could be 34M australians. is that OK?

Now is the best time for long-term thinking on our nation’s size.


Canberra Times, March 27 2009


Last week’s decision by the Federal Government to slash the immigration intake in light of
the seriously deteriorating global and national economic situation will
probably be viewed as a sensible move by most commentators. That’s not to say, though,
that it is a cut-and-dried issue.


The focus
of the cuts in skilled migration will be seen by some as the very worst area of
migration to target from the standpoint of the nation’s economic future. Others
will in turn see contradictions in the Rudd Government’s forceful warnings to the
international community about the dangers of countries retreating into trade
and financial protectionism yet doing exactly that in relation to global labour
movement.  Read the article in full as a PDF. …

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