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31 July 2020

Will global population peak below 10 billion?

This month new projections of global population growth were published in the prestigeous journal The Lancet, anticipating a peak of 9.7 billion people around 2064 – much lower than the United Nations projects. But these findings have been challenged in an analysis by SPA member Dr. Jane O’Sullivan, which can be read here at ‘The Overpopulation Project’. …

Will Global Population Peak Below 10 Billion? Read More »

2 December 2018

President message – urgent action to reduce population numbers in order to prevent a potential future disaster.

If you saw a child about to run into the path of a moving vehicle you would at least scream out a warning, or if close enough drag the child back. You wouldn’t stop to think ‘Have I the right?’ or ask permission first from the parents before intervening. Yet we are criticised, particularly by …

President Message – Urgent Action to Reduce Population Numbers in Order to Prevent a Potential Future Disaster. Read More »

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