16 September 2011

Famine and civil rights in india.

Famine and civil rights in India – The Health Report from the ABC Radio National





From the land of Bollywood, a huge IT industry, India — the much touted success story of a developing nation turning into a sophisticated advanced country — comes the disturbing story of an eminent doctor who was in jail for two years. His only crime may have been that he spoke up too loudly for the 400 million Indians who live in famine and, in particular, the indigenous community being thrown off their land for mining interests.


This program is a repeat. It was first broadcast on 25 January 2010 and repeated on 3rd July, 2010.



For a transcript of this interview go to http://www.abc.net.au/rn/healthreport/stories/2010/2934707.htm#transcript


This interview and story is not just interesting, it is tragic.  It is highlighted here to obtain wider publicity for the story.# Webmaster

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