16 September 2011

Forum warns population growth will leave us ‘packed in like chickens’

The Advertiser May 08, 2010 12:01am

“In Australia for a long time, we’ve had an addiction to growth and it’s time that we questioned that addiction and did something about it,” Dr Such said.

“Problems caused by growth can’t be solved by more growth.

“Do we really want to live in a chook house? And I can tell you it wouldn’t be free range.”

Dr Such was joined by SA Senator Nick Minchin, who criticised the business sector for seeing population growth as a way to increase the local consumer market. “I don’t believe Government’s role is to provide more customers for business to sell their widgets to,” he said.

University of Adelaide geneticist Dr Michael Lardelli warned Australia was relying on imports for much of its fresh food and it was “game over” if the country ran out of resources.

Earlier, Business SA chief executive officer Peter Vaughan told The Advertiser he believed concerns about the effect of population growth on the environment were “a convenient hook to hang your hat on when you don’t want to say what you really think”.

The Sustainable Population Growth Study of almost 1400 Australians, conducted by consultancy firm TNS, warns there is a “need for greater government communication around how these challenges will be faced”.#

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