28 July 2018

Growth squeezes species

In 2010, The Australian Conservation Foundation nominated human population growth as a key threat to biodiversity in Australia.


Their submission outlines areas where the pressure is greatest. For example: In 2005, 60% of Australia’s coastal councils had an annual population growth rate greater than 3%, or at least twice the national average.


Now in 2018, what’s changed? Not much. Australia’s population is still marching on at a rate that puts us among fastest growing nations in the OECD. Meanwhile we’ve seen more sensitive habitat squashed by development.


SPA President Sandra Kanck says, “I’m disappointed to learn that ACF have removed this statement from their web site.

The link between population growth and species loss is obvious. I urge the ACF to resume their stance on this.”


Where will we be in another 8 years?


ACF Key Threatening Process.pdf



Image: www.acf.org.au


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