SPA sails through the end of year podcast waves

SPA’s Communications Manager,  Michael Bayliss,  was interviewed on the USA based ‘This Sustainable Life:  Solve For Nature’  podcast.  In this episode,  Michael candidly discusses his perspectives on overpopulation and the necessity to transition to a post-growth economy,  while giving a great plug for SPA and for our Post-Growth Australia Podcast (PGAP)  which Michael hosts.   …

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Sustainable population Australia (SPA) extends our sympathies and solidarity to all those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic during these very trying times.

 We are deeply saddened for the thousands who have already lost their lives to this terrible disease and give our deepest sympathies to their families, friends and communities. We extend our thoughts to the many who are struggling with loss of business, unemployment, financial stress and housing insecurity.   We express our gratitude to all those …

Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) extends our sympathies and solidarity to all those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic during these very trying times. Read More »

SPA will launch new documentary 8 billion angels

An excellent new feature length documentary on overpopulation will be screening as part of Melbourne’s film festival.   Sustainable Population Australia will collaborate with our international colleagues Earth Overshoot for the Australian debut screening 8 Billion Angels.   SPA Communications manager Michael Bayliss will open the screening with an introductory speech.   “8 Billion Angels takes the audience …

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Growth squeezes species

In 2010, The Australian Conservation Foundation nominated human population growth as a key threat to biodiversity in Australia.   Their submission outlines areas where the pressure is greatest. For example: In 2005, 60% of Australia’s coastal councils had an annual population growth rate greater than 3%, or at least twice the national average.   Now …

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SPA South Australian branch to blitz the Adelaide environment fair

The SPA South Australia Branch will be hosting a stall at the World Environment Fair, 2-3 June, at the Wayville Showground in Adelaide.  Find out more details below. http://worldenvironmentfair.org.au/ We anticipate this event will be a fruitful ground for spreading the news about the need to limit population. Our former national President, Dr James Ward, will also be delivering …

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Sustainable population Australia at sustainable living festival

The Victoria and Tasmania branch will be making our presence felt during Victoria’s Sustainable Living Festival this month.  During the Big Weekend 10 – 12 of February, we will be having a stall near Federation Square Melbourne.  Volunteer branch members will be actively engaging with the wider public on population sustainability and its relation to …

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Regional development conference 2016

In September VicTas Branch President, Michael Bayliss, represented SPA as a speaker. the Regional Development Conference in Canberra.  The presentation was entitled: ‘Should Regional Australia Absorb Our Population Growth?’  Given the context that the Victorian State Government is pushing to relocate the state’s population growth to the regions,  and much of the conference was about …

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Op-ed for earth overshoot day

AUGUST 8, sadly, is Earth Overshoot Day for 2016.
I say ‘sadly’ because this annual milestone is falling on an earlier day each year, and that is a bad thing.
Overshoot is a term that ecologists use to describe the situation where people consume more than the Earth can provide on an ongoing basis.
Once we have consumed beyond this point we are effectively eating into our resource reserves, much like a farmer who takes out more water from a dam or groundwater table than the rains can replace.
We can do this for a while, but eventually the dam runs dry.

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