Albanese Government declares immigration war on voters

30 March 2023

Media Releases 2023


The Albanese government has been condemned for fuelling unprecedented population growth due to rocketing immigration.

The President of Sustainable Population Australia, Jenny Goldie, was commenting on reports that Australia will experience the biggest two-year population surge in its history, with an extra 650,000 migrants this financial year and next, driving a 900,000 jump in the number of residents.

“What on earth are they thinking? What substance are they smoking?” Ms Goldie commented.

“We have an horrendous housing affordability crisis, and now population growth is pedal to metal. How does that make sense?

“The Albanese government is setting us up for another lost decade of stagnant wages, rental crisis, housing unaffordability, chronic urban congestion, and environmental destruction.

“In 2022, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg bequeathed an already huge net migration target of 180,000, rising to 235,000 by 2024-25.

“Now Treasurer Jim Chalmers has pumped Frydenberg’s target to 235,000 (October 2022), then 300,000 (January 2023), and now 350,000 (March 2023).  That latest estimate for net overseas migration this financial year even obliterates Kevin Rudd’s record of 316,000 from 2008.

“That is an overall increase of nearly 95%, inside of a year.

“With no prior warning to electors, the Albanese Government has nearly doubled the Morrison Government’s already huge net migration target.

“There is little doubt Mr Albanese understood before the election that these were the sentiments of the Australia people (and voters). When he was not calculatedly silent on the issue, he expressed caution towards a return to high immigration. And now his Government has hiked the Morrison Government’s already huge net migration target, by nearly 95%.

“The Australian people are entitled to feel angry and deceived,” says Ms Goldie.



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