Media release: environment group says drop the skilled migration numbers further

11 May 2009

Media Releases 2009

Sustainable Population Australia

Environment group, Sustainable Population Australia, looks forward to confirmation of rumours of a planned drop in skilled migration numbers, but says unless the cuts go deeper they will be little more than cosmetic.
National President, Sandra Kanck, says that under the Rudd government the skilled migration program has increased to make up 61% of Australia’s population growth.
“This is growth which Australia cannot continue to withstand, given the impacts of fossil-fuelled energy production, in turn impacting on climate change and resultant water shortages.
“Since the Rudd Government was elected, without any policy explanation it has increased immigration numbers, and this rumoured cut of 7000 will still leave the nation with higher levels than the Howard Government had.
“There is a moral dimension to this in that, often, the skilled migrants who come to this country have been poached from developing nations which desperately need these skills themselves.
“Whilst the government is making this decision based on short-term economics, SPA welcomes the decision because it helps to reduce environmental impact.
“SPA now calls on the government to further decrease the number of skilled migration entrants so as to ultimately ensure that Australia’s immigration levels do not exceed emigration levels” said Ms Kanck.
Further comment:  Sandra Kanck ph. (08) 8336 4114


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