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Population increase: kevin Rudd should listen to wiser heads and look at the evidence

19 November 2009 Population increase:  Kevin Rudd should listen to wiser heads and look at the evidence The article by former NSW Premier, Bob Carr, attacking the Rudd Government for pursuing massive population increases must be heeded, says national environment group, Sustainable Population Australia (SPA). SPA President, Sandra Kanck says the article (SMH Nov 19) …

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More refugees – fewer skilled migrants

Were Australia a compassionate nation, it would be taking in more asylum seekers and fewer skilled migrants, according to Australia’s only environment group dedicated to lower population, Sustainable Population Australia (SPA). SPA National President, Ms Sandra Kanck, says Australia could double the number of refugees it accepts, providing that at least as many, if not …

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Media release – reduce population growth: educate girls.

Sustainable Population Australia MEDIA RELEASE FOR WORLD POPULATION DAY (JULY 11)   Theme for 2009: Fight Poverty: Educate Girls   10th  July 2009   REDUCE POPULATION GROWTH: EDUCATE GIRLS   Educating girls is a critical means of reducing fertility and in turn cutting population growth, according to Sustainable Population Australia Inc. (SPA). National President of …

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Humans a major invasive alien species

INTERNATIONAL BIODIVERSITY DAY 22 May 2009.   HUMANS A MAJOR INVASIVE ALIEN SPECIES   Humans are a major invasive alien species in most ecosystems, according to Sustainable Population Australia (SPA). May 22 is International Biodiversity Day, the theme of which this year is invasive alien species. According to the UN’s Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MEA) Report …

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Media release: environment group says drop the skilled migration numbers further

Sustainable Population Australia Environment group, Sustainable Population Australia, looks forward to confirmation of rumours of a planned drop in skilled migration numbers, but says unless the cuts go deeper they will be little more than cosmetic. National President, Sandra Kanck, says that under the Rudd government the skilled migration program has increased to make up …

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