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22 April 2007

Earth day – forum calls for action on climate change in South east Queensland (APR)

Earth Day In keeping with the theme for Earth Day 2007, “A call for action on climate change”, a public forum at Indigiscapes in Capalaba Saturday called for a halt to the South East Queensland Regional Plan until climate change and protection of our natural environment are factored into the planning process. Predictions in the …

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22 April 2007

Time to learn real meaning of environmental sustainability (APR)

It is long past the time when our politicians learnt what ‘environmental sustainability’ really means, according to the newly elected national president of Sustainable Population Australia inc (SPA), Dr John Coulter. “For too long ‘sustainable’ has been used as a euphemism for all that is good and acceptable,” says Dr Coulter. “Politicians and others have …

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17 April 2007

Halt urban growth in South East Queensland (Apr)

The Queensland Government should halt urban growth in South East Queensland say conservationists following the release of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report last week.  A resolution calling for a moratorium on development will be put at a public forum “Populating the Life out of Paradise” to be held at Redlands IndigiScapes on Saturday …

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17 April 2007

SEQ communities forced to accept growth (APR)

The Queensland Government and pro-growth local governments in SEQ are forcing communities to accept population targets beyond the sustainability of the region and driving SEQ from one crisis to another, say conservationists. Overcrowded hospitals and schools, more and increasingly congested roads, lack of water, loss of open space and bushland and a shortage of recreational …

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13 April 2007

South east Queensland populating the life out of paradise (APR)

An upcoming public forum will seek solutions to unprecedented and unsustainable growth which they say is “populating the life out of paradise” and will push to limit urban development in South East Queensland, The forum is open to all South East Queensland residents and will be held at Redland’s IndigiScapes Centre, 17 Runnymede Road, Capalaba, …

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29 March 2007

Conference to address population doubling (Mar)

The population of the mid-north coast of NSW will double within 15 years. A public conference at Johns River near Port Macquarie will address the environmental, social and economic implications of this doubling next month. Sustainable Population Australia inc (SPA) is organising the event with the help of an active local committee. National President of …

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27 March 2007

State government pro-growth strategy is driving the water crisis (MAR)

Rapidly diminishing water, congested roads, vanishing green and open spaces and insufficient recreational infrastructure are the hallmarks of the State Government’s pro-growth strategy. Mr Simon Baltais, President of Sustainable Population Australia SEQ Branch said, “Since when is rapid population growth, which is so eagerly sought after by the State Government, a solution to SEQ’s water …

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23 October 2006

Baby bonus bad for environment (OCT)

The Federal Government’s baby bonus is encouraging an increased birth rate, which will put more pressure on Australia’s and the world’s already overstressed environment. Recent figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed 265,000 babies were born in Australia last year, the highest number since 1971 and an increase of 15,000 from the previous year. …

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19 January 2006

No correlation between population growth and per capita GNP (Jan)

The Productivity Commission has discovered what all competent analysts have known for years, namely, that there is little if any correlation between increased population growth and growth of per capita GNP, according to Sustainable Population Australia inc. (SPA). The Productivity Commission’s draft report on the Economic Impacts of Migration and Population Growth was released this …

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22 September 2005


CANBERRA, ACT Representatives of the four major parties in the ACT election will lead a public discussion on the theme “Water and People: how much more can Canberra grow?” on Saturday. The speakers will be Bill Wood MLA (Labor), Vicki Dunne MLA (Liberal), Roslyn Dundas MLA (Australian Democrats) and Charlie Pahlman (Greens’ candidate for Molonglo). …


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