Resolve survey strongly confirms that majority of Australians think immigration too high

19 July 2023

Media Releases 2023


The latest Resolve Strategic public opinion survey on views about the level of migrant intake proves yet again that a large majority of Australians think our immigration levels and population growth are too high.

Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) says it reinforces findings from previous surveys over several years and using a variety of sampling methods and questions:



SPA national president Ms Jenny Goldie says the question that must be asked of our politicians is: why, in the face of such abundant evidence, do they continue to ignore the wishes of the vast majority of the Australian people?

“Why are they imposing these crushing levels of population growth – currently at an unprecedented 2% per annum – causing a housing crisis, infrastructure stress and environmental deterioration?” says Ms Goldie.

“According to Treasury projections, population growth will continue at these extraordinary levels during the rest of the decade.  Net overseas migration (NOM) is projected at a record 260,000 or more for most of the remainder of this decade.

“That is substantially higher than the pre-covid 2007-2019 average of 226,000, and three times the twentieth century post-war average of 85,000.

“The Albanese government’s crazy levels of population growth are three to four times those of most European countries, also the US, China, and Japan. Trudeau’s Canada is the only substantial or rich nation with a more extreme immigration policy than ours.

“As was recommended by the Productivity Commission, genuine community consultation, ecological/environmental sustainability and human wellbeing must surely rate highly as decision-making criteria for such a fundamental issue as population size.

“We urge voters to contact their politicians to express their concerns.”


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