World population soars to 7 billion but Victoria can keep the lid on it

28 October 2011

Media Releases 2011

On October 31st the world’s population will zoom past the 7 billion mark just 12 years after reaching 6 billion. Despite taking all of human history up to 1800 to reach 1 billion, many seem to think the phenomenon of ever increasing human numbers is inevitable and normal!

Globally we are growing at the expense of the environment on which we depend, threatening our water, air and food security. Our numbers are impacting on all the other creatures with whom we share the planet.

The global human population “explosion” seems so vast it is difficult to see how we might ever exert control over it and no one can be sure when this staggering increase might reach its zenith.  We do know however that growth, even slower growth cannot continue forever.

Victoria’s population also grows very rapidly cheered on by vested interests, lobbyists and the government. This growth and associated development is destructive to coastal areas, waterways and biodiversity, all of which also struggle with a changing climate.

Despite this grim picture, unlike global population growth, our own population future is very much under our control and we need not be overwhelmed. Stability of population numbers is within our reach this century.

We owe it to Victorians who will be born 50 years from now to take control so that those who come after us can enjoy what we have enjoyed – clean air and water and reliable food and housing supplies.

To do nothing is the real crime against humanity.

Contact: Jill Quirk -President Sustainable Population Australia (Victorian branch) 0409 742 927


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