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28 October 2011

SPA NSW media release – 7 billion


Global Population Exceeds 7 Billion

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Monday 31 October: Today the world’s population reaches a record seven billion people. While this milestone may be viewed by some as a testament to humankind's ingenuity and technical achievement, Lobby group Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) shares its concerns that continuous population growth will have disastrous consequences for the welfare of future generations.

28 October 2011

SPA media release – 7 billion

7 billion people now and worse to come With 31st October marking the date on which the United Nations estimates the world’s population will reach 7 billion people, Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) says this figure represents nothing less than a crisis. National President of SPA, Sandra Kanck, says that the failure of nations to address …

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28 October 2011

World population soars to 7 billion but Victoria can keep the lid on it

On October 31st the world’s population will zoom past the 7 billion mark just 12 years after reaching 6 billion. Despite taking all of human history up to 1800 to reach 1 billion, many seem to think the phenomenon of ever increasing human numbers is inevitable and normal! Globally we are growing at the expense …

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29 September 2011

Quiet words in minister’s ear is not easy listening

There’s a growing volume of letters to daily papers with story after story of community outrage at Victoria’s Planning Minister. The illogical actions of Minister Guy last week over the Ventnor matter is far from a one-off as people around the state send in their particular tale of Ministerial interference or inconsistency. SPA Vic President …

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16 September 2011

Politics over SEQ water highlights uncertain future (JAN)

Both sides of politics, in their debate and grandstanding over South East Queensland’s water, highlight they have not grasped the fundamentals to good resource management and they are not leading South East Queensland to a better future. While one side of government solution is to build more dams and the other is to dither over …

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