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Cost of city congestion will hit $20bn, report finds

CONGESTION in cities will continue to cost the nation dearly through billions of dollars in lost productivity, poorer health and worse work-family balance. Report in the Australian on the release of the State of the Cities Report 2010 (see Links>Web Links>Reports and Sources>Reports for the link to the report) Article Link:

Singapore’s population target in doubt

The public housing crisis has revived the question whether Singapore, with only 700sq km of land, can continue to accommodate the current five million residents, let alone increase it by a further one-third. Seah Chiang Nee, The Star 27 Feb 10; Article Link:

Resisting dickensian gloom

Greenhouse gas emissions. Advocates of high- density policies (often termed “Smart Growth” but also under other descriptions and euphemisms such as “urban consolidation”, “compact development”, “growth management” and “urban renewal”) maintain these policies save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.TONY RECSEI from Save Our Suburbs Article Link:

Private land to be seized for housing

THE state government is rushing to prepare laws to create a development authority with sweeping powers to compulsorily acquire and rezone privately owned land for resale to developers. …MATTHEW MOORE URBAN AFFAIRS EDITOR March 12, 2010 Article Link:

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