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Happiness is small town life

If you want to be happier, live in a country town with fewer than 30,000 people. Article Link:

China’s population rapidly moving to cities, getting old 7th july, 2010

Figures released by the National Population and Family Planning Commission have estimated China’s population will reach 1.39 billion by the end of 2015, with those aged 60 or over topping 200 million people. Over the next five years, China’s urban population will also surpass its rural counterpart, with city dwellers expected to exceed 700 million. …

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Beijing’s population surges near 20 million – 24 July 2010

Beijing municipal people’s congress revealed this week that the Chinese capital now has 19.72 million inhabitants, growing by over 3 per cent in the past 2 years. Previous estimates had predicted that the city’s population would swell to that level a decade later than it has. According to the guidelines regarding Beijing’s development between 2004 …

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City’s fringe crumbles under unsupported growth – 22 July 2010

Adelaide – INFRASTRUCTURE on the city’s fringe is already buckling under pressure, before massive population increases flagged in the state 30-Year Plan have even begun. Article Link:

Fixing public transport

The problem with public transport, we’re often told, is the shape of our cities: Australian sprawl is impossible to service effectively with trains and trams and buses. So we end up reliant on the car and stuck in traffic. If only Australia’s capitals were more compact, more closely settled, more, I don’t know, European! Then …

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