This Pilot Program is only offered to students at secondary schools in the North Shore and Northern Beaches in Sydney.

Please see the Video Competition Details (updated 01Dec20) for how to enter and the rules & guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions (updated 01Dec20):

1.       How can students get in touch with SPA?

To get in touch with us for Video Competition enquiries, please email us at 
To get in touch with us for general SPA enquiries, please email us at

2.       Is there a limit to how many of us enter as a group?

No, but of course if a very large group wins 1st prize, the cash reward will be shared among the members. It may also become harder if you have too many contributors with different suggestions or ideas.

3.       What if my video is just under 2 minutes or just over 4 minutes?

A little over or under, up to a maximum of 15 seconds, will be allowed and your video will still be judged. However, if you go over time, the judges will take into account how close you are to the 4 minutes limit when selecting the winners. The judges will also consider how convincingly you present your justification as to why there is a serious threat to humanity and the natural world and how you can best shape a better future for yourself. The shorter your video is, the less time you have to convince the judges of your solutions.

4.       How can I make my video more powerful with a lasting impact?

Experience has proven that presentations are much more powerful if you can inspire people on an emotional level. Please do not hesitate to express your emotions or to be passionate. Greta Thunberg did not reach the world by holding back in her 4 minute UN speech. Her passion – her  emotion – was extremely powerful. We could all feel it.  Sir David Attenborough at age 94 is still passionate about protecting nature and is revered around the world. If you can express your passion or emotion in “Shaping Your Own Future”, yours could be the winning video. Your video could have great impact, not just in Australia, but around the world as well.

5.       Can my video be a mix of formats – for example, a song and graphics with voice-over?

Certainly. As long as it complies with the Rules and Guidelines, that is fine.

6.       If I have a question during the Christmas/New Year break, will you still be available to answer it?

Yes, apart from the Public Holidays, we will still be responding to emailed enquiries. We are not closing over the Christmas period.

7.       What if I disagree with the term an ‘unsustainable population’ as I do not believe that is possible?

If you disagree with the proposition you must provide solid evidence to support your point of view. SPA’s position is based on clear, unambiguous evidence, peer reviewed science and logical deductions from that evidence. These are the criteria the judges will be using when judging. Evidence based solely on ideology or faith-based teaching is unlikely to meet these criteria.

When you are presented with contrary evidence on the internet, and there is a lot out there, please check the sources of their information and confirm they are credible authorities. Check their references too. If possible, run the data past a fact checker or contact us for guidance.  Websites which promote Conspiracy Theories or political agendas require extra vigilance.  Always try to interpret all information through the lens of scepticism.  Reflecting on this simple rhetorical question often helps: “Can humanity grow forever on a finite planet?”

8.       Reading this material makes me feel upset. What can I do?

The reason we are running this Competition is to enlighten and empower you to make your own choices and build a better future for yourself, especially if you gather with other young people who feel the same way. There are countless things you can do to halt or slow any current downward trends, many of which are referenced in the Competition Details. Speak to the world through your video and you can make a difference!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns via our email and include your phone number, if you are happy to send that. We will then call you back as soon as we can.

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