21 August 2021

Delivering the Human Future conference: ‘Facing up to Overpopulation’ by Dr Jane O’Sullivan

This engaging presentation by Dr Jane O’Sullivan is a pithy, well-reasoned and evidence-based assessment of the global population issue.

Dr O’Sullivan,  the 10th speaker at the ‘Delivering the Human Future’  conference,  is a long term active SPA member,  including office positions on both the Queensland and National SPA committtees.   From the YouTube description below:

The Delivering the Human Future Conference was a worldwide conference held in March 2021 on the existential threats that humanity faces as a species and the solutions we need to overcome them. View the Plenary Letter and sign the Petition calling for action today! https://humanfuture.org/get-involvedThe Delivering the Human Future Conference was hosted by:The Council for the Human Future (CHF) https://humanfuture.org/The Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere (MAHB) https://mahb.stanford.edu/The Common Home of Humanity (CHH) https://www.commonhomeofhumanity.org


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