Small families, small planet

An oldie but goody from Population Matters back in 2017 The planet is in trouble – but saving it might be easier than you think. We shocked and surprised these people with the facts. Their responses might get you thinking. More information regarding this video can be found on the Population Matters website. Sustainable Population …

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The betrayal of ignoring human overpopulation

Sofia Pineda Ochoa is the Mexican born creator of the feature film ‘Endgame 2050.’ In this short 30 minute film ‘The Betrayal of Ignoring Human Overpopulation’,  Sofia follows on from Endgame by investigating the most ignored and misunderstood human impact factor within the broader environmental movement. As stated on the YouTube channel: “Who are we …

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Bindi Irwin’s original un-edited essay regarding overpopulation

In 2013, 14-year-old wildlife campaigner Bindi Irwin was invited by Hillary Clinton to write an article for Hillary’s e-Journal on why she had chosen to devote her life’s work to wildlife conservation. She wrote about needing to end population growth. But when Hillary’s team sent back the proofs, they’d edited out those parts. So Bindi …

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