6 May 2022

Video recordings now available of the 2022 Fenner Conference

The video recordings of the 2022 Fenner conference:  ‘Making Australian Agriculture Sustainable’ are now publicly available to watch.

The entire collection may now be viewed on the Fenner 2022 YouTube channel,  link here.  They can also be viewed at the conference website,  link here.

We include a couple of examples below.

The “welcome”  video below includes: ‘Welcome to Conference’ – Jenny Goldie, SPA President;  ‘Welcome to the Academy’s Shine Dome’ – Dr TJ Higgins; ‘Welcome to country’ – Shane Mortimer;  ‘Official Opening’ – Prof John Hewson.


The concluding remarks by SPA patron Prof Ian Lowe were regarded by many at the conference to be particularly powerful and poignant.



Dr. Jane O’Sullivan, who sits on both the National Executive and QLD branch committees of SPA,  presented on the topic:  ‘The critical role of population size and growth.’





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