18 April 2022

Prof. Ian Lowe on ‘Population and Climate Change’ discussion paper

Prof. Ian Lowe explains key point 1 from the new discussion paper from Sustainable Population Australia: “Population and Climate Change.”


Professor Ian Lowe is co-author of this new report along with Dr. Jane O’Sullivan and Dr. Peter Cook. It was commissioned by Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) in Feb 2022. Ian Lowe is a patron of SPA.

Key Point 1: “Human activities are releasing greenhouse gases and causing climate change. The quantity of greenhouse gases is the product of emissions per person multiplied by the population. Hence climate change can’t be ‘blamed’ on either consumption patterns or population but both together: each multiplies the other and both must be part of action to avoid catastrophic outcomes.” 

This video is a first part of a series that can be watched on the SPA YouTube channel here.

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