16 September 2011

Water woes. (Canberra times 20070126)

No question about it, Malcolm Turnbull is a pretty bright fellow, and therefore a welcome addition to a government not overburdened with them.

He should certainly be smart enough to work out that his big job of saving water is being made so much the harder by substantial increases each year in the number of consumers of the stuff.

So no doubt he can be expected, once his feet are comfortably under the cabinet table, to draw this bit of basic arithmetic to the notice of his colleagues, such as the new Minister for More Aussies, Kevin Andrews, and And-One-For-The-Country Peter Costello.

You may well find it a bit hard to get the point through to them, Malcolm, but you’ve got to keep plugging away at it if you are to have any hope of success in your job. And none of us can afford to have you fail.

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