16 September 2011

With cash in the bank, the budget has short-changed (Canberra times20070510)

I have been listening to Peter Costello delivering his budget speech. I have also listened to commentators praising and criticising his presentation.

Maybe I am only a lone voice but the Treasurer talks about growth, he talks about subsidies for water tanks and solar energy – very commendable.

When can we please have a reasonable discussion on the underlying causes of he complete degradation of our environment?

We cannot just throw money at minor issues. We need to have a discussion about population growth and the impacts on our environment and the long lasting health of our economy. I totally despair at the complete misunderstanding between our ever-growing population (both worldwide and locally) and the effect this will have on our future.

I think I owe more to my grandchildren than spending money on matters which will sink into total irrelevancy.

If we do not address climate change there will not be an economy. Why do people not understand this?

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