16 September 2011

World population growth still a ticking time bomb

We need measures to deal with the growth rate of humankind.

Canberra Times, Monday June 8th 2009

These days with the global financial crisis,
climate change, the war on terrorism and now swine flu it is difficult for
other global issues to get media space. Just recently the United Nations
published its latest review of world population prospects, but despite holding
major long-term implications for humankind the release scarcely raised a
ripple. World population growth these days unfortunately labours under the perception
of being yesteryear’s problem.

With the
global population growth rate now down from the alarming levels of the 1960s
and ’70s and the apocalyptic demographic prognostications from those days not having
come to pass, the population bomb is widely seen as having been defused.

This is an
enormous mistake.
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