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14 February 2009

Halt population growth and feed the world – maybe (OCT)

   Oct 15, 2001 for World Food Day – 16 October It may not be possible to feed a projected population of nine billion people, according to Sustainable Population Australia (SPA). Increased use of petroleum, for both farm machinery and fertiliser manufacture, has doubled agricultural yields over the past 50 years. “Unfortunately, as global supplies of …

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6 February 2009

Queensland growth draining our water away (APR)

Monday 30 April 2007 The Queensland Government’s South East Queensland Regional Plan suggests each of us should be consuming only 270 litres per person per day by 2010, 30L/person/day down on the current rate. However, this is only a small fraction of the water we consume say conservationists. Mr Simon Baltais, President of Sustainable Population …

Queensland Growth Draining Our Water Away (Apr) Read More »

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