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19 October 2010

Population growth damages ‘standard of living’

Issued: 30 September 2010 “ABS data released yesterday confirms, yet again, that those states with the highest rates of population growth are performing worse in terms of per capita economic growth. Previous years and longer time scales lead to the same conclusion. “Those states with the highest rates of population growth suffered the largest reduction …

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18 October 2010

Burke’s issues paper shows labor insincere on sustainable population

Burke’s Issues Paper shows Labor insincere on Sustainable Population

11 August 2010

Dick smith’s wilberforce award

It has become obvious to me that my generation has over exploited our wonderful world – and it’s younger people who will pay the price. Like many people my age, I’ve benefited from a long period of constant economic and population growth – we are addicted to it. But sooner or later this consumption growth …

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28 June 2010

Gillard on population: an outbreak of commonsense?

Sustainable Population Australia, the nation’s only environment group campaigning on reducing human population, is greatly encouraged by the comments of incoming Prime Minister Gillard about reducing immigration. National President of SPA, Sandra Kanck, says that after more than two decades of hammering away at this issue and the spectacular population growth, which took place under …

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9 June 2010

More urban sprawl for Melbourne the wrong way to go

Both the Victorian Government and Victorian Opposition are mistaken in moving to allow another 24,000 hectares of urban sprawl for Melbourne. Melbourne is becoming an obese, hardened-artery parody of its former self. Extending the Urban Growth Boundary is like a man rapidly gaining weight who thinks he can solve the problem by loosening his belt. …

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14 April 2010

Media release – kevin Rudd’s population policy already decided? – 5 April 2010

“But as a consequence of other comments made at the time of the announcement SPA has concerns about the policy that will be developed. “Opinion polls show that a majority of Australians want to stop wanton population growth and believe we have neither the water or infrastructure to support Kevin Rudd’s ‘big Australia’. “The Prime …

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14 March 2010

Media release – Rudd – ponzi – hospitals

Joseph Chamie, Director of the United Nations Population Program for 12 years has described the push for, and the results of, population growth as a giant Ponzi scheme. It is designed to channel wealth from the many and pass it to the few. (See short article by Chamie below) There is no better example of …

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5 March 2010

Political leaders silent on vital issue

There is a thundering silence by the leaders of both political parties on the vital issue of population growth. They are miles away from addressing the most important issue affecting every South Australian now and into the distant future. A recent Galaxy poll showed that 72% of Australians did not support the high rate of …

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13 February 2010

Dubious arguments for population growth

Media Releases 2010 8 February 2010 Migration reforms will help support national development Universities Australia today endorsed the aim of the Government’s proposed migration reforms to encourage the best and brightest – people with advanced skills and qualifications – to migrate to Australia. The reforms include improving occupational listing, encouragement of state and territory migration …

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25 January 2010

Let’s talk about the national anthem: we do not have boundless plains to share!

Australia’s national anthem is outdated, incorrect and should be changed according to the environment group Sustainable Population Australia (SPA). National President of SPA, Sandra Kanck, says “If we pause on Australia Day to reflect on our identity, our thoughts should turn to reforming the anthem.  It is an absolute nonsense to say that this continent …

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