26 October 2022

What does 8 billion mean to you competition

***Entries for this competition have now CLOSED – we will not be accepting any submissions from 6pm AEDT Friday 11 November***


8 Billion People

The UN has estimated that Nov 15th, 2022, will be the date that the world’s human population officially hits 8 billion.

During this time, Australia’s population will have passed 26 million. Population growth in Australia has contributed to land clearing, urban sprawl, pollution, resource depletion and biodiversity loss. Every 2 to 3 years, Australia adds another 1 million people.

Competition Entry

Just answer the following simple question for your chance to win a Woolworths or Coles gift card.

“In 100 words or less, say what 8 billion people means for the planet, the environment and for you.”

The competition is open to all current Australian citizens who are not current members of Sustainable Population Australia.  Competition is open from Friday 28th October, closing Friday 11th of November, with the winners announced Monday 14th of November.

1st Prize: $100 Woolworths or Coles gift card.

2nd Prize: $50 Woolworths or Coles card.

Please read the terms conditions and confidentiality information at the bottom of the page before entering.

By ticking this box, I confirm that I am an Australian resident, NOT a current member of Sustainable Population Australia, am aged 18+, or if under 18 that I have permission from my parents or guardians to take part in this competition.(Required)
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Winning participants will be contacted by SPA by email. I confirm that I have provided an email address that SPA may contact me on.(Required)


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Terms and conditions and confidentiality:

  • Competition is open only to Australian citizens,  with a current Australian residential address, and who are not current members of Sustainable Population Australia.
  • For any entrants under 18, permission from a parent or guardian must be approved before entering the competition.
  • Only 1 entry per person.
  • All submissions will be considered by a judging panel from SPA, with winners contacted on the 13th of November with the winners announced on the 14th of November. Winners will be contacted only by their email address provided. If winning entrants are unresponsive to contact,  judges may then offer prizes to other shortlisted entrants.
  • The decisions of the judges will be considered final.
  • The data will only be used for the purposes of this competition and will not be shared with any third party. By completing this form you agree to have your first name and state of residence published. Contact details will not be published or shared.
  • Shortlisted entries may be quoted either partially or in their entirety for any future SPA promotional purpose. Only the first name and the state of residence of the entrant may be shared. All other identifiable information will be kept strictly confidential.
  • Any queries may be directed to media@population.org.au

(Photo courtesy of Nalini Scarfe)


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