Jane O’Sullivan

Elected Member / QLD branch President and Representative


Jane O’Sullivan, BAgrSc, PhD, is a cross-disciplinary researcher spanning the nexus between agriculture and demography, embracing food security, ecological sustainability and economic development. She has led international research on tropical subsistence and semi-subsistence crops and farming systems, before shifting her focus to the threats posed by population growth to food security, economic development and ecological sustainability, and the effectiveness of measures available to limit population growth. She has participated in numerous collaborations with international colleagues in ecological economics, environmental philosophy, climate change responses and family planning promotion and implementation. She is a co-convenor of The Overpopulation Project. Publications include:
The burden of durable asset acquisition in growing populations;
Population projections: recipes for action, or inaction?;
Synergy between population policy, climate adaptation and mitigation;
Aging human populations: good for us, good for the earth;
The social and environmental influences of population growth rate and demographic pressure deserve greater attention in ecological economics;
Climate change and world population;
Demography and Sustainability.
She authored or co-authored several publications for Sustainable Population Australia, including:
Population and Climate Change;
Silver tsunami or silver lining? Why we should not fear an ageing population;
Population growth and infrastructure in Australia: the catch-up illusion;
8 Billion Day facts and myths;
The housing crisis is a population growth crisis.  

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