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NEWS: 17 February 2010

Is britain full?

The Times questions the experts on the potent issues of population and immigration Anjana Ahuja From The Times February 16, 2010 “When Phil Woolas , the Immigration and Borders Minister, suggested last week that queuing should be a feature of the UK citizenship test, it seemed to make sense. After all, we stand nose to …

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NEWS: 13 February 2010


Minister Wong’s response notes that “Whereas the last few hundred years …growth in our carbon pollution has essentially tracked our population and economic growth…The key issue here is breaking that link, not trying to reduce population.” Let’s look at some numbers. The average growth rate needed to increase Australia’s population  65% by the year 2050 …


NEWS: 27 December 2009

Let states take tax to fund future for growing population

Only by giving states and territories more power to raise revenue to service the future mega-cities of Sydney and Melbourne, whose populations are anticipated to hit seven million by mid-century, can the nation maintain its high standard of living, warns population expert Glenn Withers. The change could do even more, reaping Australia a $60 billion …

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NEWS: 10 December 2009

Andrews call for debate on slashing immigration

Arguing that Australians were deeply concerned about problems such as urban sprawl, overcrowding, traffic snarls and dwindling water supplies, Mr Andrews challenged Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s advocacy of ”a big Australia”. Risking stepping on the toes of his party’s new immigration spokesman, Scott Morrison, he called for a debate on cutting the permanent immigration program …

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NEWS: 29 November 2009

Earth clock

The projected number of people on the planet Earth is now …   The World Clock From

NEWS: 21 June 2009

Scientist: warming could cut population to 1 billion

(The full article was first published in Dot Earth, Blog, March 13, 2009 and republished in “The New York Times, Science issue Sunday June 21 2009. COPENHAGEN — A scientist known for his aggressive stance on climate policy made an apocalyptic prediction on Thursday. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, the director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact …

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NEWS: 8 June 2009

Australia continues to experience high population growth (08)

In the same period, Western Australia continued to record the fastest population growth at 3.1%, followed by Queensland (2.5%), the Northern Territory (2.0%), Victoria (1.9%), the Australian Capital Territory (1.7%), New South Wales (1.4%), South Australia (1.2%) and Tasmania (1.0%). Queensland and Western Australia gained the most people through net interstate migration from the other …

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NEWS: 31 May 2009

Asylum is still a numbers game

Barry Cohen | May 26, 2009 Article from:  The Australian IN the late 1890s, Moishe Koziwoda departed Russian occupied Poland in a vegetable cart to escape 30 years’ national service in the tsar’s army. Being Jewish, he was guaranteed the filthiest and most dangerous jobs. Few Jews survived.   From Germany he travelled to England where he …

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NEWS: 14 April 2009

The cooking–immigration nexus

There has been a meteoric rise in enrolments of overseas students in cooking courses in Australia from around 1019 in 2004 to 8242 in 2008. All are trained in full-time courses conducted mainly by private providers – rather than via the apprenticeship system as is the case for Australian-trained cooks. Most of the overseas students …

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