Beattie call for 50 million reflects vested interests (SEPT)

Queensland Premier Peter Beattie’s call yesterday for an Australian population of 50 million echoes those by vested interests of the housing, construction and real estate industries, according to Sustainable Population Australia inc (SPA).   National President of SPA, Dr John Coulter, says that this is not surprising given the very large donations that members of …

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Earth day – forum calls for action on climate change in South east Queensland (APR)

Earth Day In keeping with the theme for Earth Day 2007, “A call for action on climate change”, a public forum at Indigiscapes in Capalaba Saturday called for a halt to the South East Queensland Regional Plan until climate change and protection of our natural environment are factored into the planning process. Predictions in the …

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Time to learn real meaning of environmental sustainability (APR)

It is long past the time when our politicians learnt what ‘environmental sustainability’ really means, according to the newly elected national president of Sustainable Population Australia inc (SPA), Dr John Coulter. “For too long ‘sustainable’ has been used as a euphemism for all that is good and acceptable,” says Dr Coulter. “Politicians and others have …

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State government pro-growth strategy is driving the water crisis (MAR)

Rapidly diminishing water, congested roads, vanishing green and open spaces and insufficient recreational infrastructure are the hallmarks of the State Government’s pro-growth strategy. Mr Simon Baltais, President of Sustainable Population Australia SEQ Branch said, “Since when is rapid population growth, which is so eagerly sought after by the State Government, a solution to SEQ’s water …

State Government Pro-Growth Strategy Is Driving the Water Crisis (Mar) Read More »

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