31 December 2021

SPA sails through the end of year podcast waves

SPA’s Communications Manager,  Michael Bayliss,  was interviewed on the USA based ‘This Sustainable Life:  Solve For Nature’  podcast.  In this episode,  Michael candidly discusses his perspectives on overpopulation and the necessity to transition to a post-growth economy,  while giving a great plug for SPA and for our Post-Growth Australia Podcast (PGAP)  which Michael hosts.


The interview can be heard in full here


Michael also launched a Christmas special of Post-Growth Australia in time for the festive season.  As the episode description informs us:

“The festive season is upon us as we wrap close to another year in the decade of consequence. To ‘celebrate’, PGAP host Michael Bayliss shares his own personal vision for a post-growth future. He looks back nostalgically on his Melbourne years, reflecting on the many successes and challenges from ten years in many various grassroots community initiatives. He also plays a selection of songs, penned by himself or by friends that espouse the Degrowth values of this podcast even if they may not inspire complete festive cheer. Enjoy!”


The episode can be heard in full here – all opinions are totally Michael’s own and as such may not always be in total overlap with SPA’s policies and objectives.


This is not the first time that  SPA has been interviewed on the ‘This Sustainable Life’  family of podcasts.  Dr.  Jane O’Sullivan,  long term SPA member and author of our discussion paper ‘Silver Tsunami Or Silver Lining’  was recently interviewed by ‘This Sustainable Life’  founder and multiple TedX speaker Joshua Spodeck,  to debunk the ageing population myth.  The episode can be listen to here.


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