Population and Economics

A new petition to ‘Rethink Big Australia’ before the election

SPA member Simon Cole (currently on the QLD branch committee) has launched a new online petition calling for a reconsideration of Australia’s population policy before the next Federal election.   While this is not an official SPA campaign,  nevertheless,  we recommend heading to the change.org site and adding your signature to the petition. Link to the …

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SPA sails through the end of year podcast waves

SPA’s Communications Manager,  Michael Bayliss,  was interviewed on the USA based ‘This Sustainable Life:  Solve For Nature’  podcast.  In this episode,  Michael candidly discusses his perspectives on overpopulation and the necessity to transition to a post-growth economy,  while giving a great plug for SPA and for our Post-Growth Australia Podcast (PGAP)  which Michael hosts.   …

SPA sails through the end of year podcast waves Read More »

Dick Smith rally at Adelaide advertiser

Dick Smith, one of Australia’s most prominent population campaigners, addressed a rally outside the Adelaide Advertiser protesting press censorship especially on the issue of population and economic growth.
The video of his full speech is now available via Youtube.

Growing pains trouble Rudd in big Australia – April 10

Australia is now in what passes for a “debate” about the size of its population. But would you define this as a debate? Article Link: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/growing-pains-trouble-rudd-in-big-australia-20100409-rynu.html

Economics of population growth – 22 July 2010

Mark Crosby over at Core Economics has a post on population economics that created stress for me. Stress because it argues an intellectual position I (and many others) have being trying to combat for many years. Article Link: http://www.harryrclarke.com/2010/07/22/economics-of-population-growth/

Are moreland property prices crazy?

THE home ownership dreams of young Moreland residents are “fading away”, driven in part by the nation’s “runaway” population growth, Wills federal Labor MP Kelvin Thomson has warned. Article Link: http://moreland-leader.whereilive.com.au/news/story/are-moreland-property-prices-crazy/

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