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22 September 2005


CANBERRA, ACT Representatives of the four major parties in the ACT election will lead a public discussion on the theme “Water and People: how much more can Canberra grow?” on Saturday. The speakers will be Bill Wood MLA (Labor), Vicki Dunne MLA (Liberal), Roslyn Dundas MLA (Australian Democrats) and Charlie Pahlman (Greens’ candidate for Molonglo). …


15 September 2005

Pay farmers to maintain ecosystem services (Sept)

Canberra, ACT Farmers should not only be paid for agricultural produce but also recompensed for managing natural ecosystems and preserving downstream water, according to Emeritus Professor Bob Douglas AO. Ecosystems such as forests, streams and wetlands provide humanity with various services such as clean water and air and maintain a liveable climate. “The ability of …

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10 July 2005

Aid wasted if population growth continues in Africa (JUL)

Canberra, ACT Jul 10, 2005 for World Population Day – 11 July 2005 The G8 nations must insist that a significant portion of their $25 billion annual aid package to Africa goes to programs that get birth rates down, according to Sustainable Population Australia inc (SPA). National president of SPA, Ms Jenny Goldie, says ending poverty …

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2 September 2004

ALP’s population commitment welcomed (sep)

CANBERRA, ACT The ACT ALP’s commitment to move to the development of a population policy, in which ecological impacts as well as economic implications would be considered, has been welcomed by Sustainable Population Australia (SPA). The commitment was part of the ALP’s sustainability policy released on 28 September. “For years it’s been the habit of …

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5 May 2004

Tasmanian branch of sustainable population Australia established (MAY)

HOBART, TAS On Saturday, 8 May 2004 a Tasmanian branch of Sustainable Population Australia was set up. Sustainable Population Australia Inc (SPA) is a non-profit community organisation committed to reducing population growth and highlighting the negative environmental and social effects of a growing population. Sustainable Population Australia has a branch in every other state. Australia’s …

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4 December 2003

20 million: time to stop growing (DEC)

SYDNEY, NSW Dec 4, 2003 for 20 Million Day – 4 December 2003 Now that Australia’s population is about to pass 20 million, policies must be set in place to see an end to further growth, according to the NSW branch of Sustainable Population Australia (SPA). NSW President Tomi Strugar says continuing growth has profound implications …

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4 December 2003

20 million: more than enough (DEC)

Canberra, ACT Dec 4, 2003 for 20 Million Day – 4 December 2003 Twenty million people on a continent with a fragile environment is more than enough, according to one of four eminent Australians who are all Patrons of Sustainable Population Australia inc (SPA). Broadcaster and author, Dr Paul Collins, says no country has infinite resources …

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4 August 2003

ISOS rolling internet conference: in search of sustainability: climate change (AUG) Jointly organised and managed by: Australia 21 Limited Nature and Society Forum Sustainable Population Australia ISOS Conference continues: Deep Cuts Needed In Emissions To Avert Climate Change Reductions of 70 percent or more in global greenhouse gas emissions are necessary in order to stabilise the atmosphere, according to Dr Graeme Pearman, Chief Scientist at …

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4 June 2003

Population growth behind biodiversity loss (JUN)

  The combined forces of economic and population growth are responsible for Australia’s unparalleled species loss, according to Sustainable Population Australia (SPA). In April this year, the Commonwealth Government’s National Land and Water Resources Audit on the state of terrestrial biodiversity described what some have called an “ecological crisis”. It reported that nearly 3000 bushland …

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15 April 2003

No correlation between high immigration and healthy economy (APR)

The claim by the Australian Industry Group that higher levels of immigration will benefit the economy is selfish and ignorant, according to Sustainable Population Australia (SPA). Deputy National President of SPA, Dr John Coulter, says that there is no statistical correlation between population size, population rate of growth and GDP growth per capita in OECD …

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