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23 April 2001

Population growth fuels biodiversity loss: Lowe (APR)

SPA Inc., SE-QLD Branch, Media Release CLEVELAND, QLD Unless we arrest human population growth, SEQ residents will continue to lose the values that they cherish warns world reknown sustainability expert, Professor Ian Lowe. Addressing a gathering of over 100 people at the Grand View Hotel as guests of the SEQ Branch of Sustainable Population Australia …

Population Growth Fuels Biodiversity Loss: Lowe (Apr) Read More »

26 October 2000

Children’s education and health hampered by population growth (OCT)

Continued population growth in many countries is hampering efforts to provide universal primary school education, according to Australians for an Ecologically Sustainable Population (AESP). National President of AESP, Dr Harry Cohen, says many countries such as Papua New Guinea are unlikely to meet the UN goal of universal primary school education because of the explosion …

Children’s Education And Health Hampered by Population Growth (Oct) Read More »

13 October 2000

World May go hungry if population growth continues (OCT)

Many countries and regions may experience hunger if population growth continues to outstrip growth in food production, according to Australians for an Ecologically Sustainable Population (AESP). Speaking on the eve of World Food Day (October 16), National President of AESP, Dr Harry Cohen, said that the annual growth in grain production dropped to only one …

World May Go Hungry If Population Growth Continues (Oct) Read More »

18 October 1999

Leading Australians call for more population aid (OCT)

Leading figures in the literary, environment, indigenous affairs, medical and foreign aid communities are among 934 signatories to a petition submitted today to the House of Representatives The petition, circulated for last week’s Day of Six Billion (October 12, designated by the UN to symbolise when the world’s population passed six billion), calls on the …

Leading Australians Call For More Population Aid (Oct) Read More »

10 October 1999

Actor to highlight broken U.N. promises on day of 6 billion (OCT)

Actor John Howard of Sea Change fame will compere a rally in Canberra on Tuesday 12 October, organised by Australians for an Ecologically Sustainable Population, to protest over Australia’s failure to fully live up to its promise to help the U.N. curb global population growth. Howard, who plays pro-development Pearl Bay mayor Bob Jelly in the popular …

Actor To Highlight Broken U.N. Promises On Day Of 6 Billion (Oct) Read More »

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