Part 16: overpopulation in 21st century America—pollution of all kinds

Part 16: Pollution of our planet Americans pride themselves with their clean water laws, air pollution laws and environmental protection agencies. Everyone ‘talks’ about their ‘green’ actions and practices. However, they might be surprised to note that a scant 30 percent of citizens recycle with any regularity. No matter how ‘clean’ they might think their …

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Don’t squander resources on more people (independent weekly 20070815)

It was with dismay that I picked up my “Independent” last week to see on the front page that South Australia must “populate or perish”. Proponents of population increase generally have a vested interest and of course those associated with the building industry would clearly come into that category. The world is overpopulated. Australia is …

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Women population and why Camperon Diaz may make a good SPA spokesperson

  Most of the comments posted after this online article, all assumably by women, were more concerned with women’s personal freedom to choose their fertility rates than the social or environmental consequences associated with reproduction. A number of readers suggested that the stigma associated with not having children is still inherent in Australian society. Some …

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Dick Smith launches update on Australia’s population. (100201)

If you were in or near Sydney, and interested in population, you would have been most welcome at the following event:   The launch of Overloading Australia: How governments and media dither and deny on population (2nd edition), by Mark O‚Connor and William Lines. Venue: Dymocks City Store, 424 George Street, Sydney. Time: 11.00am Monday 1 February 2010.     …

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Part 4: overpopulation in 21st century america nobody ever dies of overpopulation

 Not mentioned, but increasing in numbers as the human race accelerates its own populations across the globe an astounding 18 million human beings starve to death or die of starvation related diseases every year. (Source: World Health Organization)  The breakdown: eight million adults and 10 million children perish at the hands of starvation annually.  Fully …

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Population aging: A human triumph

 Population aging is a triumph of civilization. It is the inevitable consequence of attaining desired smaller family sizes, lower mortality rates and longer lives, with many living beyond 100 years. This achievement, however, requires vital social and economic adjustments to expected future demographic realities. In particular, population aging raises critical issues for countries, states and …

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