Regional development conference 2016

In September VicTas Branch President, Michael Bayliss, represented SPA as a speaker. the Regional Development Conference in Canberra.  The presentation was entitled: ‘Should Regional Australia Absorb Our Population Growth?’  Given the context that the Victorian State Government is pushing to relocate the state’s population growth to the regions,  and much of the conference was about …

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Op-ed for earth overshoot day

AUGUST 8, sadly, is Earth Overshoot Day for 2016.
I say ‘sadly’ because this annual milestone is falling on an earlier day each year, and that is a bad thing.
Overshoot is a term that ecologists use to describe the situation where people consume more than the Earth can provide on an ongoing basis.
Once we have consumed beyond this point we are effectively eating into our resource reserves, much like a farmer who takes out more water from a dam or groundwater table than the rains can replace.
We can do this for a while, but eventually the dam runs dry.

Bindi Irwin has world on her mind

“WILDLIFE Warrior Bindi Irwin is all grown up and ready to rumble.
The late Croc Hunter’s blossoming daughter turns 15 this week and is ready to swap singing and dancing for serious debate. And one of the issues closest to her heart is family planning and birth control to curb overpopulation of the planet.”
Writes Kathleen Donaghey of the Sunday Mail (Qld).

CSIRO warning of wildlife wipe-out 8th July 2010

Australia’s national parks are failing to save native wildlife, with mammal extinction rates of almost 50 per cent occurring in some NSW protected areas, a CSIRO scientist says. Article Link: http://fw.farmonline.com.au/news/nationalrural/agribusiness-and-general/general/csiro-warning-of-wildlife-wipeout/1878477.aspx

Blue-tongue lizards banished from backyard to city outskirts 13th July 2010

Blue-tongue lizards were once the lords of Sydney’s backyards, but high-density development is banishing them to the city’s fringe. Wildlife groups are reporting that blue-tongues and other natives, such as the tawny frogmouth, are being pushed to the edge of the city by more intense development and higher human population density. Article Link: http://www.smh.com.au/environment/conservation/bluetongue-lizards-banished-from-backyard-to-city-outksirts-20100712-107yy.html

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