17 June 2019

Australia’s population – In graphics!

A resource created by one of our talented SPA members in Melbourne. This is a great resource to share as it succinctly and graphically details the magnitude and impact of Australia’s population growth in a way that is easy to understand. An essential resource that we encourage you to share. Australian Population Infographic pdf

17 June 2019

Global population – in graphics!

A succinct resource that details some of the many environmental impacts from population growth worldwide and some key solutions to the issue.We encourage sharing this excellent resource. Global Population Infographic pdf

15 April 2019

Results of new TAPRI survey

Immigration –TAPRI survey Our friends at TAPRI (The Australian Population Research Institute) have released the results of their 2018 annual survey, coincidentally and unfortunately on the day the federal election was called – so there was only one story in town that day. That’s a pity because their report is about an issue which will …

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19 December 2018

SPA goes international and our national president shares a new years message

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Population and climate change Because we are officially recognised by the UNFCCC as an environmental NGO we can attend on the sidelines of the ‘Conferences of the Parties’. Due to airfare and travel costs we often do not make it and thus, overseen by SPA’s Dr Jane O’Sullivan, we choose supportive people from …

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5 October 2018

SPA takes on liz allen, Australia’s extinction crisis, and revamps our popforum

  President message: e-news, Oct 012018   SPA’s activism on your behalf continues with our submission to the Senate Environment Committee’s inquiry into ‘Australia’s Faunal Extinction Crisis’. You can read it here: In April communication within SPA’s Yahoo groups became all but impossible, and as a consequence 80 or so members who are part …

SPA Takes On Liz Allen, Australia’s Extinction Crisis, and Revamps Our PopForum Read More »

28 July 2018

Growth squeezes species

In 2010, The Australian Conservation Foundation nominated human population growth as a key threat to biodiversity in Australia.   Their submission outlines areas where the pressure is greatest. For example: In 2005, 60% of Australia’s coastal councils had an annual population growth rate greater than 3%, or at least twice the national average.   Now …

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